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Invest Now or Cry Later: Stamp Duty Discounts for Investors abolished in Victoria

Investors looking to diversify into the Victorian property market should note that existing  concessions for stamp duty relief for off the plan purchases will be abolished from 1 July 2017. The Victorian Government announced that stamp duty (land transfer duty) savings for investors buying property off the plan will not apply for investors for contracts […]

10 Times the Fines, 10 Times the Hassle: The Fair Work Amendment Bill 2017

Franchisors and Parent Companies Feeling Vulnerable to Super Fines The Fair Work Amendment (Protecting Vulnerable Workers) Bill 2017, is designed to protect vulnerable workers from exploitation by employers.  The Bill is expected to pass through the Senate without much trouble. It is the Coalition’s response to the systematic underpayment of workers by franchisees in the […]

Collective Sale and Renewal

Apartment blocks are being unlocked for redevelopment – this presents opportunities, and challenges, for owners and developers alike! There is a shortage of housing, the Australian dollar is cheap and foreign buyers seem keen to buy our real estate. The NSW government has announced changes to strata laws to enable strata owners to redevelop their […]

Change of Trustee Concession Rules

When the trustee of your trust retires, or you appoint a new trustee, you usually only pay nominal stamp duty of $50. The Chief Commission of Stamp Duties looks at the transfer of property carefully to check that the transfer is not really giving someone new the benefit of the property. The old rules required […]

Comply or Face the Consequences: Not-for-Profits on Notice

Religious organisations and not-for-profits are on notice following a recent Fair Work Case.  You must get it right with all your workers and check whether they are covered by a modern Award. A man on a religious worker visa worked in a Hindu Temple in Melbourne for 18 months. He complained about being underpaid for […]

Going for PBI? Want DGR status? There are new guidelines from the ACNC

New Interpretation Guidance for Public Benevolent Institutions (PBIs) When not-for-profits want Public Benevolent Institution (PBI) status, the first stop is the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC), and they have guidelines about what is required to get this status. The ACNC publishes the criteria it uses.  In future, NFPs should look at the new Commissioner’s […]

Does your Charity have the Tick?

The Australian Charities and Not-for-Profits Commission (ACNC), has launched a ‘registered Charity Tick.’ The ACNC hopes the Tick will encourage public confidence in the charities sector. The tick may also act as an incentive for charities to meet ACNC requirements. Not-for-Profit organisations that are not registered charities cannot use the Tick. If you are running […]

Conversion from Company Title to Strata Title – Is it Right for Your Company?

The Advantages of Strata Title when compared with Company Title Conversion from company title to strata title can result in tangible benefits. Unit ownership via company title is an older form of unit ownership than strata title, and was the only way to own home units prior to 1961. The owner’s right to sell or […]

Can I share a lawyer’s trade secret? Now NOT to enforce post-employment restraints!

Even when employers have introduced restraints that prevent employees from working in competition, those restraints may not stand up. In this NSW case, the court said that the non-compete restraint only stopped the employee from working for a competitor in the part of the business in which they had worked. Keep reading to find out […]

Workplace Watchdog Rips Down the Corporate Veil

Personal liability for those involved in breaches of the Fair Work Act. The Fair Work Ombudsman warns directors and others (known as “accessories”) involved in underpaying workers that they can no longer hide behind the corporate veil. In the last financial year, the Ombudsman sought personal orders against “accessories” in 92% of filed cases. If […]