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Oct 162015

Usually, an expert’s determination expressed to be binding and non-appealable is just that – final. However, the New South Wales Court of Appeal declared an expert’s determination not binding because the expert did not follow the contract. The Court remitted the determination to the expert with directions about the proper construction of the contract. Background […]

Jun 032015

UPDATE: The information in this article has been superseded by amendments to the legislation since publication. You can find our more recent article on this subject here.  States and territories across Australia have confirmed their support for legislation to extend unfair contract protections for small businesses.  This support was garnered after a 10 week consultation […]

Dec 092014

Come 1 January 2015, Australian franchises will be governed by a new Franchising Code of Conduct (the Franchising Code).  Australia’s 73,000 franchisees, 1,180 franchisors and the 407,000 people employed in the sector will all be affected. What is a franchise and why is the Code important? Franchising is a now prolific way of doing business. […]