Apr 132017

The Australian Charities and Not-for-Profits Commission (ACNC), has launched a ‘registered Charity Tick.’ The ACNC hopes the Tick will encourage public confidence in the charities sector. The tick may also act as an incentive for charities to meet ACNC requirements. Not-for-Profit organisations that are not registered charities cannot use the Tick.

If you are running a registered ACNC charity that is up to date with requirements and has not been subject to ACNC compliance action, then you should download the Tick here.

The ACNC is encouraging charities to display the Tick on their electronic and print materials. 

  • You must use the Tick in accordance with the ACNC Visual Brand Guidelines.
  • The Tick in electronic media must be hyperlinked to the organisation’s Charity Register listing. The Register can be accessed here.

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