CML Lawyers

On Wednesday 13 November 2013 CML Lawyers put away their pens and paper and participated in the 37th JP Morgan Corporate challenge, a 5.6km run around Centennial Park.

The challenge supports charities all around the world. This year more than $700,000 will be donated from the proceeds of the challenge.

The profits generated in the Sydney challenge will be donated to Financial Markets Foundation for Children which focus on the health and well being of children, Australia wide.

We were fortunate enough to have great weather following several days of rain and wind. This year’s challenge had the largest crowd in over 13 years! 8,125 runners and walkers from over 350 companies joined in on the fun.

Peter McNamara had a promising start, initially taking off like a pocket rocket, leaving us in his wake. However, due to a leg injury this pace could not be sustained. Needless to say Paul Clark kept his steady pace and took the lead and could not be caught. Paul finished 1st in CML.

The staff member that said:  "Amazing how the oldest came first" will probably get a big pay rise.

Mark Glynn beat Peter McNamara by a good 4 minutes, and looked very relaxed to boot.

"Tim Meiklejohn" did very well, and she was hardly puffing:

Clarky is crowing and intolerable, offering all sorts of back handed compliments to certain other participants.