Mediation can be a much more user-friendly way of resolving a dispute than going to court, and it has a proven success rate. Mediation is informal and, if successful, provides a cheaper and quicker means of settling differences.

Statistics show that more than 90 per cent of cases are settled before they reach court. Mediation can enable settlement to occur even earlier. Early settlement reduces the stress inevitably involved in court proceedings, particularly where a person may have to give evidence. It also reduces legal and other costs, such as those involved if you have to take time off work or from business for prolonged court attendance.

Mediation can also help the relationship between parties to survive their dispute, because it allows them to formulate their own mutually acceptable solutions.

Even if parties do not settle their dispute, they do clarify and narrow the issues at the mediation, which can reduce the time and expense of the court hearing. At the very least, parties who have been through a mediation will have had an opportunity to discuss and clarify the disputed issues.

Peter McNamara can advise you on whether your dispute is suitable for mediation, prepare your case and attend the mediation with you, and also help you draft a settlement agreement.


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