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What is a scope of Works

The Scope of Work Definition in Construction   The scope of work might be the most important part of a construction agreement – even more important than the price.   The scope of work in ...

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“She’ll Be Sweet” Says Queensland Sugar – As Long As It Serves The Interests Of The Members As A Whole

“She’ll Be Sweet” Says Queensland Sugar – As Long As It Serves The Interests Of The Members As A Whole Private companies are occasionally caught up in “oppression” proceedings, where a shareholder ...

Work Safety

Work safety Employers can now subscribe to industry specific COVID-19 Safety Updates at the link here. Employers should direct those responsible to subscribe to the updates for their industry sector. ...

Signing Formal Documents Remotely – New Rules

Signing Formal Documents Remotely – New Rules The COVID-19 Public Health Orders have seen many solicitors and Justices of the Peace working remotely. In response, the NSW Government has implemented ...

Commercial Landlords COVID-19 Land Tax Concession and Deferral

The NSW Government has unveiled a $440 million land tax package to assist landlords and tenants as they deal with a downturn as a result of virus-related restrictions. If you are a Landlord with ...

Post-employment restraints not enforceable given employer repudiatory conduct

Employment lawyers are often faced with this complex legal question: do post-employment restraints survive termination if an employer breaches or repudiates a contract of employment? This issue was ...

Record-breaking penalties for employers not keeping records

  Employers are responsible for making and keeping accurate employee records. Record-breaking fines have been issued to employers for contraventions of employee record-keeping obligations, such ...

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