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What is a scope of Works

The Scope of Work Definition in Construction   The scope of work might be the most important part of a construction agreement – even more important than the price.   The scope of work in ...

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If It Quacks Like a Duck, It’s Probably Ms Duck

Sham Contracting Update – Class Actions A new class of class actions is hitting the Australian courts and creating headaches for putative employers.  The Federal Court has four class ...

Beware the Ides of Short Term Rentals – Short Term Lettings and Property Investors

Short Term Lettings and Property Investors Short term lettings have been for some investors and absolute bonanza, returning well above average returns. However, short term rentals have been in a legal ...

A Cladding Tinderbox: Will your High Rise Insulate or Immolate?

A Cladding Tinderbox:  Will your High Rise Insulate or Immolate? No-one wants to get caught in a high rise fire.  A spate of external cladding fires around the world has prompted new ...

Binding Death Benefits and Loss of Capacity and Powers of Attorney

Peter McNamara has previously warned that you get your superannuation death benefits sorted: Now a ...

Employees Steal the Business – But Employers get it back

Poaching staff from competitors is not uncommon, but can be risky.  Employers must be sure that new employees are not acting in breach of obligations to their former employers.  In a recent ...

Casual gets Annual Leave

Casuals can get permanent entitlements.  In a recent case an employer was ordered to pay annual leave for a casual employee.  If the worker looks permanent, the worker probably is.  If ...

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